needy carrying an enemy
finding new entrance to spirituel incidence wanna move the safety into granite make the hole and the lot to something unremovable - and he doesnt want to find evidence doesnt look for remarkable faith and glory what to do when hes out of sight and within his lonley miracle
.. groove the mons croon for sin and do no harm do it right and kick it straight to the heathen twilight cheat on the men and like to feel great grandeur feel the black gloomy faith bringing you to death bringing you shrinking to something petit skelter to the shelter which might be what your longing like to seek endlessly grove the windrobe quit to make a roke between you and the randomed leveled people lick the thoughts with your words making it wild and solid to face the boy cutting your poor searching fate heat the fire in body and soul loose the way donnot crack the fiction not for probity not to beat the bones against the wall
I .
more than i could take / bare
Beltane - ma - donnot miss the ankle
with in and out
it all started to become mellow
ghostly minded coloured purple and blue in ink and green wondered about letting the heartless dammed plain become apparent without eliminating infidelity without looking at wisdom due to surrender the upcoming kingdom to weak to be everyones little helper showing morality in honesty and loyality pour searching faith wont ever fall apart in haze yearning for liberation to earth to extend the pace crying for fertility to the inwardly thorned level incrementally waxing goodness to strangle the static release
my heart swings with the knife
curing rudeness
make it and shake to the rythme of mark
now talk
± gone to pieces
once i told you about fiction ++++++++++++
like and hate hate is easier to make so fuck the subtance be honest and stand still and find find goodness for your sake
remarkable control empathy for whitewashing doom and controling the sinister thought dwelling wisdom of and in space concealing concret cachets to banish irrevocable apperiance to manage the two edged light donnot pity lovers purr for passion no need to lead compassion for the odd thing it s gonna happen to every single enemy be sure none wont ever like and see things like you every moment will solve its same old property for every sin is a good mental minded oppertunity in charge of dimension